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Welcome To Xpress Care
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Reliance Communications Data Service products VPN, Broadband Internet Services and point-to-point Ethernet Services are available through high capacity MPLS enabled backbone Reliance Data Network. The access technologies include Metro Ethernet, Leased Line, and LMDS Radio. The Xpress Care application is deployed to provide an integrated view to the Customers of their subscribed Services.

Networks are becoming increasingly complex with an ever-expanding list of equipment to be managed. Reliance Communications addresses all these complexities wherein complete Network is managed and monitored 24X7 done effectively and economically by network management experts on a global basis using a common network management infrastructure based on an open, scalable architecture and with an integrated set of network management tools.

The Xpress Care application provides an integrated view of the Services subscribed to the Customer including fault and performance. All parts of the customer's network are managed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the network element layer to the CNM layer, which integrates Element Management systems and Network Management Systems from where the SNMP/non SNMP information is, collected which is integrated with OSS/BSS Systems to provide integrated view to Customer.

The Xpress Care provides Uptime Report, Latency, Packet Loss, Access link online utilization Reports to the customers.

Measurement Methodology

In order to understand the performance measurements given on this portal, following is an explanation of the Reliance Communcations IP network performance measurements of Delay (or latency), Packet Loss (Conversely Packet Delivery Ratio), Uptime (Availability) and Bandwidth Utilization.


Latency (or Delay)is the round-trip transmission time for a data packet to travel between two end points. The Latency values being provided on this portal include Latency between Provide Edge Router to another Provider Edge router of Reliance Infocomm's Data backbone Network for VPN Service customers. For Broadband Internet Customers Latency values being provided are between Provide Edge Router of specific City to reliance International Gateway Routers. The Latency is expressed in milliseconds. The Latency is measured by averaging sample ICMP round trip delays taken periodically during a day based on Industry standard RFC 2925 and Service Assurance Agents measurements in Network Elements. The measurements are done by high availability NMS Systems deployed in Internet Data Center of Reliance Communications.

Packet Loss

The packets lost during transmission expressed in percentage are defined as Packet Loss. Conversely Packet Delivery Ratio, also termed as deliverability, is defined as 100 minus the percentage packet loss and is the percentage of successfully delivered packets. The Packet Loss or Packet Delivery Ratio is expressed in percentage. The Packet Loss is measured by averaging sample ICMP packets sent periodically during a day. The measurements are done by high availability NMS Systems deployed in Internet Data Center of Reliance Infocomm.

Bandwidth Utilization

The bandwidth utilization is defined as rate of traffic on specific link. The bandwidth utilization is measured on specific port and measurement usually is based on Octet rate and provides incoming as well as outgoing traffic load on the link. The bandwidth utilization is expressed in bps, Kbps, Mbps depending on the link speed. The measurement is based on periodic SNMP queries which fetch relevant counters from the Network Elements i.e. Routers and compile them for presentation.

Welcome To Xpress Care